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Welcome to Biometrical Solutions, LLC.

A Statistical Consulting and Statistical Programming Company Biometrical Solutions is a statistical consulting and statistical programming company founded in June 2010 by statistician Cemal Unal, PhD, with 21+ years experience in drug development. Biometrical Solutions' core specialty is developing statistical methodologies in designing clinical studies, and then performing statistical analyses of data collected from those studies.

Biometrical Solutions is here to to help you with any statistical questions/tasks you may have about design, data collection and analysis of data from your clinical trials. We seek to understand your problem first and propose a statistically sounding methodology to guide you for the best solution. With our expert and highly efficient statisticians and statistical programming team we promise and deliver very fast and outstanding quality statistical consulting and statistical programming services.

Dr. Unal serves as the project leader for your studies and he performs all validations/QC tasks before delivering statistical tables/listings/figures to our clients.

  • Just-in-time resources assure expertise, control service costs to clients.
  • Committed to responsive service: 10 min return call guarantee.
  • Expertise across the continuum of global, Phase I-IV clinical trial design, execution and analysis.
  • Very successful in a competitive environment: 95% client return rate.
  • Committed to the science of biostatistics: Guest speaker, lecturer, adjunct faculty and mentor.


  • Biometrical Solutions wasn't just a vendor, they became a valued member of our team who were committed to our success. They became trusted colleagues by always meeting or exceeded expectations in timeliness and quality of deliverables.

  • Cemal Unal always delivered on time - he would provide a plan and a date, and delivered as promised...not a very usual trait in the pharma industry.

  • One of the few non-academic statistician that I know who are genuinely interested in understanding the clinical problem as a prerequisite to proposing a statistical solution.